Elixir HTTP Benchmark - Ace vs Cowboy


This is a minimal happy-path benchmark of the ACE HTTP 2 server. It is a measurement of simple HTTP HEAD and GET requests with varying payload size - no other HTTP headers are used or tested. The timings are made with Apache Benchmark using concurrency level of 16 - the keep alive flag -k is not used. The server is a 16 vCPU AMD EPYC 7000. ab [-i] -n 100000 -c 16 -e /tmp/results.

Code BEAM STO 2019


Photo from Code BEAM STO with Elixir colour palette:

Elixir Conf.EU 2019


Photos from Elixir Conf.EU: Arjan Scherpenisse discussing parsers with José Valim.

Elixir graphs with Gnuplot


We have released the Gnuplot library that allows you to generate server side graphs and plots from Elixir and the Gnuplot utility. It has been tested with Ubuntu, Centos and Mac OS X but not yet with Microsoft Windows. See the README file for instructions. Here is an example: {:ok, _cmd} = Gnuplot.plot([ [:set, :term, :png], [:set, :output, "/tmp/rand.png"] [:set, :title, "rand uniform vs normal"], [:set, :key, :left, :top], [:plot, G.

Lambda Days 2019


My first visit to Lambda Days - so happy to see a lot of interest in type theory. Ji Liu @arkh4m : Kraków dragon:

The Little Typer - London


Daniel P. Friedman has released The Little Typer - a book introducing dependent types. Paul Cadman has formed a London based type-driven development group where we work through the book.

Magnet UX


How are the users of the new product going to navigate the app? UX brainstorming session with Jesper Funk

Code Mesh London 2018


Joe Armstrong presenting at Code Mesh LDN 2018